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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

They all passed. I would have liked to work with Busi Mhlongo and Brenda Fassie to mention a few, I feel there's a common thread of African spirituality that they carried which I wish we shared. 


Buhle: In the Nguni language the word Chosi is a sign that a story is about to be told. It is also a word that manifests all our hopes and dreams. This body of work is inspired by what womxn in the world go through. I'm trying to send out prayers to the universe and grievances to people in power to finally hear our cry as womxn. I'm speaking healing unto self so it transcends to the broken souls. I'm just inviting people to my healing space. 

Buhle Bendalo

So, I've been getting beautiful feedback from people who purchased the album. I realized these songs play a different role for different souls. That is when I asked everybody to express how the album has touched them. They are free to express their art forms and how they connect to their favourite song. 

Thank You

Thank you. shuuu!  Firstly, I've always dreamt to either work with Brenda or do a cover of all my favourite songs by her. So, in 2018 I was given the opportunity to coach a group of young womxn from UJ Azania Day House Choir for their annual Acapella competition. That is when we played around with popular songs, including my favourite "Too late for mama" I grew to love it more and more every day. I then wanted to give it my character and my own interpretation, where it starts as a beautiful slow jam to an upbeat hectic baseline jam, and still keeping the essence of the song.

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