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impepho gin

We are proud to bring you " Thokozagogo Gin iMpepho flavour " range of Spirit Beverages. A delectable collection of African inspired flavours and tastes.

Rona jaka rele batho basetso, ke nako ekgale reberekisa bojwala bamakgowa bo boentsweng ke bone ka mekgwa yabone. Re tlisitse tsatsing la ka jeno bojwala bo elong gore bo entswe ka metswako ya setso.

thokoza gogo mpepho gin.png
Thokoza gogo mpepho gin-9.jpg

Introducing Thokoza Gogo Gin with Mpepho Flavour. Yes, that's true. A Gin with Mpepho is possible. and we have achieved it finally. With 43% of alcohol concentrate we might have created the best-tasting Gin contender in the world. Go taste for yourself.


The bottles come in a 200ml and 500ml size

Order now online !!!!!

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Thokoza gogo mpepho gin-16.jpg
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