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thokoza gogo films . " VUSELA " A story of a gobela

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Music by : Buhle Bendalo

Album : Chosi

Song : Vusela

A Gobela. What a painful gift, you meet different people, with different personalities and backgrounds in your home.

They come to your space and you create a bond with them. Teaching someone how to change their character to fit the dlozi specs isn’t easy. People get confused what a gobela’s role is.

A gobela doesn’t constitute how your path will be laid out but those that lead you, which are your guides and ancestors.

Evoking an ancestor is easy but reshaping a character is lifetime.

Quiet a challenge to teach someone to learn to listen, the inner messages are always there to give us guidance.

A gobela is the mediator but does not regulate anyone’s journey.

Be led and the Journey will make sense.

Words by @MakhuluthamboLenyoka @badimongtv

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